Cold Catch: Seven Must-haves for Ice Anglers

Ice fishing may just sound like a chilly version of the warm-weather pastime, but below zero temperatures and thick ice make this winter sport a whole new game. Don’t believe us? We’ve got the action to prove it. From chipping ice to keeping your mitts toasty and dry, here some essentials to get you started before you head out on an arctic fishing adventure.

1. Trans-Alaska Elite Trail Suit

In the concrete jungle we’re usually worried about keeping our fingers from freezing while texting. When you’re out in the wild, it’s a full-body freeze you should worry about, and this insulated trail suit will keep you toasty and warm, whether you’re sitting around waiting for fish to bite or mushing across an arctic tundra. Available at, $299.99.

2. Ice Arctic Angler Glove System

Believe it or not, there are a lot of ice fishing gloves out on the market these day, and none seem quite as practical as this neoprene model from Bass Pro Shops. Not only are these mighty mitts warm and waterproof, but the are designed with finger dexterity in mind, so the next time you need your fingers to use your Pocket Ranger® app  just use these built-in slits for easy access to your digits. Available at, $24.99.

3. Eskimo Mako Ice Auger

Drill, baby! Drill! Ice fishing is a great way to play with power tools and hunt all at once. This high-performance drill allows you to safely and effectively bore through solid ice so that those fishies don’t stand a chance. Available at, $259.99.

4. Celsius Ice Fishing Dry Bag

Things can get pretty wet and cold out on the ice—mostly cold, but definitely wet. This handy back will keep your belongings safe from any damage  caused by moisture with its waterproof and leakproof features. Perfect for toting around mobile devices, tools or snacks, this dry bag is a must-have for ice anglers. Available at, $19.99.

5. Clam Ice Fishing Twin Hub Shelters

For the solo sportsman out there, this one-man shelter is the perfect place to take cover. Lightweight, durable and easy to set up, this tiny tent is truly a fisherman’s best friend. Available at, $90.99.

6. JB Lures Big Max Jigs

Any fisherman knows that lures (in addition to saint-like patience) are the key to making the big catch. For all the squeamish sportsmen out there, you can rest easy knowing that worm season is over. Big lures catch even bigger fish, so Big Max is sure to get one nasty nibble if you play your cards right. Available at, $1.37.

7. Eskimo® Redneck Dual Headed Bucket Ice Chisel

In cold climates ice freezes FAST, so you’ll need to be on top of your chipping if you want to reel in the big ones. This small, but mighty ice chisel should do the trick, and clear your watering hole of any unwanted ice and frozen debris. Available at, $24.99.

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