Giveaway, Part 3: 20 items under $20

Bill Howard‘s third offering of free gear is here! To enter, tell us in the comments section what you need for your next outdoor—you might just win your very own!

We’ll announce the winner next Friday after our third installment. Good luck!

LightLoad Towels

Imagine a towel that is not much larger that the size of a poker chip when dry, but expands as large as a large wash cloth when wet.  LightLoad Towels do just that. After it dries it can be used again as well. LightLoad also has a beach towel sized towel that comes in a nifty little and light dry size. Either can be packed taking up no space or weight, yet offer so many benefits you would be foolish not to include one in your supplies.$6.25-$8.95.

Smartphone Apps

I put each of these mobile apps down together, because they all do similar things. And, I use them religiously when hunting or hiking. The advent of the cell phone turn mini-computer is akin to Ben Franklin discovering electricity in my book.  With GPS features, realtime weather satellite feeds, waypoint markings, camera/photo locations, and topographical and satellite map caching these apps can save you so much money that you can afford to purchase several extra batteries to take along.  Trust me, the batteries weigh a lot less than the GPS system, emergency radio, camera, and trail markers do.

Even better still, is the ability to work the apps from your home computer (or work computer; yes I know you don’t just work at work) and they automatically synch with your devise.  Your wife can even follow your trails at home so you can prove to her that you were hunting in the deep wilderness during the weekend.

Pocket Ranger® Available on Android Market and iTunes, free. 

Scoutlook Weather®Available on Android Market and iTunes, $1.99.

Cabela’s Recon HuntAvailable on Android Market and iTunes, $1.99. 

Silent Retriever

Sometimes you come across something that you just bury your forehead in your hands and go “Why didn’t I think of that?”  This is one of those items!  I know anyone that has ever hunted from a tree stand has dropped something from the top and have to decide whether or not to leave it at the base or climb down and get it.  The Silent Retriever eliminates that decision.  A simple tool with enough grappling hooks to attach itself to whatever you lost, it can be lowered from the stand by its attached cord and brought back up to your waiting hands.  It comes packaged in a small container that takes up virtually no room in your pack, weighs next to nothing, and comes in a variety of colors (I like the orange myself so I can see the Retriever and maneuver it to what I dropped).  No more worrying about that phantom gust of wind that took your hat off your head, the Silent Retriever is there to save the day.  Don’t ask me what to do if you forget to tie the cord to the Silent Retriever to your stand and accidently drop it as well though. $19.99.

Mighty Mite Rod and Steel

Picture this. You are hiking in the mountains. Beautiful water falls surround you.  Below the cascade is a crystal clear pool of water with some of the largest trout you have ever seen. But you are hiking. Nothing you can do right? Wrong.  The Mity Might Rod and Reel is super small; small enough to fit in a backpack even.  And when you get that fish on the line, well, you are in for a thrill!  There are websites devoted to the largest catches with these inexpensive angling miniatures, and you need to see some of the trophies.  It works from the mountains to the lakes to the coast.  It can be used as a survival tool because of its size as well.  So when you plan that backcountry hunt for elk this fall, bring one of these along and maybe you can have fish one evening instead of hauling in extra food. $14.99. 

Nite Ize BrimLit

Everyone needs a handy light for the outdoors.  This one fits on the brim of your hat.  Two output modes ranging from 8 lumens to 14 lumens, it is bright enough to get you to your hunting stand in the morning, and get you out at night.  It also works great for  those emergency ‘repair’ jobs at night when in the woods, keeping your hands free and always shining in the direction you are facing.  Another plus: It is made of a foam material that is super light weight, only 1.1 ounces.  The batteries can last up to 16 hours and are readily available at any convenience, drug, or chain store. $19.95. 

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    I need the Nite Ize BrimLit


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