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Flaming French Toast

We’re loving Mother Nature Network’s collection of campground recipes! We can’t wait to gorge on french toast test out this recipe for our Cookout Recipe Challenge. 

Have you entered yet? 


Campfire French Toast: Whip up this tasty breakfast in minutes over a campfire or your camp stove.
Gourmet backpacking breakfast recipes

Ride your bike, save trees. Do it! 


20th annual Tour des Trees to raise money for tree research and education
Tree-loving cyclists will travel up to 500 miles this October, with a fundraising goal of $500,000.

Love this giant cupcake! We can’t think of a better way to celebrate a great hike than a huge serving of these edible boots. 

How do you celebrate completing outdoor challenges?

MALAFLOR Blow Collection

BYO… chair? Perhaps not what you’d read on a party invitation but certainly what you’d expect if you were spending the day outdoors. For those of us who’d rather have a comfortable perch to rest on (roughing it doesn’t necessarily have to be on every outdoor itinerary), MALAFLOR’s latest innovation is just the thing. The Polish design practice, purveyor of all things cool and functional, brings us the Blow collection: a three-piece seating series of inflatable pieces. Choose from a two-seater Blow sofa, “explorer” chair and “explorer” armchair made with dakron fabric, a synthetic and weather-resistant polyester fiber commonly found in yachts’ sails. The durable fabric is safe to use outdoors and in changing weather. Like most tents, Blow furniture lays flat and can be folded for easy transport.


Image courtesy of MALAFLOR

Now that’s what we call flower power! Who needs trail mix when you can nosh on some Nasturtium?


42 flowers you can eat
Adding flowers to your food can be a nice addition of color and flavor, but be sure to follow these tips for eating flowers safely.

Great contest to take part in. Get in on the fun, everyone!


Who/What/Where is it Wednesdays

Starting this week, we’ll be asking you to identify a featured location, person or thing. If you answer correctly we’ll link to your Tumblr on the following day. Happy hunting! (Hint: search

Where is this ?

Orange Cake


Mix up some cake batter, pour it in a hollowed orange, bake it in the campfire — and you’ve got dessert! (Plus, you get to munch on the orange as you wait for your cake to bake.)
Easy and delicious campsite desserts

Park Explorers: Crystal


Rain or shine, we’re more likely to find you on the trails than on the couch. So this, Park Explorers, is where we highlight you, our loyal Pocket Ranger™ fans who are always on the move.

This week we hear from Crystal, 22, a seasonal park employee from Creedmoor, North Carolina who spends her days outdoors hiking, scoping out the wildlife and, like us, wishing for an alfresco cook.

My outdoor ritual consists of… planning my hiking trips around water. I love putting my feet in any ponds, rivers, lakes, streams and oceans that I possibly can!

I’m never without my… smart phone. 

If it were not for Pocket Ranger™, I’d… have to try and keep up with park maps.

If only the Pocket Ranger™ could…prepare me food while on the trail, or carry me when I get tired!  ;)

When I’m not trekking to the sounds of nature, I’m drowning them out with… Taylor Swift.

Twitter People:

@NC ParksApp- Keeps me up to date on important State Park info!! (And they are super nice!)

@dinksdoghouse – My grandfathers twitter account—yup, he knows what Twitter is!! (He also has a Facebook account.)

@alzassociation – Keeps me up to date on all the new information about Alzheimer’s— my nanny has the disease.

Apps I love:

Facebook – Have to make sure I stay in the know.

Pocket Ranger – For all my state park needs.

Angry Birds – Just so darn addicting..!


Ultra-light water filter:

After hyper/hypothermia, dehydration’s the most dangerous state you can be in. Lack of hydration will kill you long before starvation will. But water-borne parasites and toxins can really f**k you up. Prepping water is therefore more important (in some ways) than knowing a dozen ways to make fires.

You can use sand and ground charcoal to suppliment the filter-material, but I carry aquarium filter-sheets (finest at the bottom, coarsest at the top). You need:

  • Top third of a plastic drink bottle.
  • Foot of a pair of (new) tights.
  • Rubber-band.
  • A pack of aquarium filters: charcoal, foam and super-fine.
  1. Set up the bottle and tights as shown.
  2. Put a handful of crushed charcoal (from your campfire) at the bottom of the foot of the tights. Charcoal’s a great filter, and removes a lot of bad stuff.
  3. If available, a handful of sand on top of the charcoal adds another fine-filter-layer.
  4. Layer the filter-foams on top of the sand, finest first.

Put your filter over a receptacle, like a funnel (remove the cap…). Pour your water into the top of the funnel, and wait for it to travel through the filter.

You should boil the filtered water for AT LEAST 15 minutes before drinking. This should kill 99.9% of any pathogens. If the water is from a stagnant source (use ONLY in an emergency), you should also use a chlorine tablet in the filtered water.

Frankly, I just carry the filters in the bottom of a section of a pair of tights. Takes up no room, weighs nothing, and could save your life.

OR, there’s a neat one that can be made with vacuum-cleaner filters here.


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